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Howie Campbell Discography

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Wayfarin Strangers Amped

You like to move and groove? This album rocks! Expertly crafted songs, a couple of jam tunes and an acoustic version of Computer Baby. Great for cruising down the highway in your '67 Firebird with the top down.

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Howie & Debbie Campbell are certainly Wayfarin Strangers, playing venues all over America since 2003. This album presents them in a folk/rock setting with their friends in New York and Virginia joining in the fun.

All of the songs are Howie's originals except for Wayfarin Stranger, a ramped up version of a traditional spiritual.

Computer Baby is a solo acoustic number about Debbie's return to school for computer courses. Tongue-in-cheek humor is smile worthy for all you computer folks.

Sounds Like Eddie was written with Eddie Kirkland in mind. Eddie's driving groove inspired the opening riff, which recurs throughout the jam. Howie opens up on the electric guitar with Derrick and T.C. keeping it solid rhythmically. Tony comes in with that gorgeous B3 sound, and a very tasteful solo, too. Highway Boogie is the other instrumental with a blues inspired groove. Both of these are favorites at jam sessions.

Rest For the Weary and He Has A Great Name bring to mind 70s Southern Rock in the Dicky Betts/Allman Brothers tradition. Soaring lead guitar and singable melody, a great story line and wonderful harmonies create that down home rock feel. Add Tony's B3 and you could almost imagine Greg and Duane and Dicky in the early days.

Elijah Key wraps up the album. It's a jazz flavored series of cleverly worded story verses. Biery's solid rhythm harmonica style, John's impeccable beat paired with Robby's driving bass give this acoustic driven song serious momentum. See how many of the stories you recognize. Elijah Key was recorded at Robby Meadows' Alive Studios in Harrisonburg, VA. Robby has been in the recording industry for years, with many credits to his name including Jimmy Fortune's first solo CD. He was a pleasure to work with. Joining Howie on harmonica is a long-time friend and playing partner Biery Davis. Robby Meadows added bass and brought in his friend Johnathan Presnell on drums. Debbie Nicholson had gigged with Howie in the area and she was gracious enough to lend her exquisite vocals to the song. All professionals involved in music for quite some time, this song came off expertly produced and was placed as the cap to the album.

All the rest of Wayfarin Strangers Amped was begun at Kevin Ramsey's LJK Studios in Bumpass, VA. Kevin has a very laid back atmosphere, and he and Howie have collaborated on many projects before. Derrick Johnson drove down from NY to join Howie in the studio. T.C. Howard from Charlottesville, VA on bass rounded out the trio. Together they took a weekend to lay down the basic tracks. Derrick has played live with Howie many times and T.C. is a long time professional on bass. It didn't take long to lay the foundation. Jim Wingo came into LJK on another project Howie was producing, adding flute and sax. Jim's flute and alto sax definitely added a wonderful dimension. From there, Howie recorded in various locations as he traveled across country beginning with vocals by Jen Skriloff, Kim Briehl and Elizabeth Claeys, in VA; then adding electric guitar parts in OK and finally ending up in Saratoga, NY at Tony's Shack Studio. Tony Perrino helped dial in the mix. At one point Tony and Howie looked at each other with the same thought: this is custom made for a Hammond B3. Tony has played with many fine musicians through the years, such as Dan Toler, Blue Oyster Cult, and many others. His artistic expertise on the B3 was the perfect addition. Tony easily added a dynamic to the project that seemed to bring it all together.

The last stop on the journey was Silvertone Mastering. Tony suggested calling Larry DeVivo, a close friend also in Saratoga, NY. Larry has been involved in the industry for many years, from California in the early days of mastering, to Nashvlle, and finally back home to NY. A consummate professional, Larry had recently completed a project for Tony Levin which was very well received in music circles. He certainly put that finishing touch on the Wayfarin Strangers Amped.

Produced by Howie Campbell and Tony Perrino. Wisdom and Truth Music, LLC publisher.


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Colonial Meditations

Timeless melodies from the 18th century come to life in these modern, acoustic guitar instrumental renderings. Acoustic Ambiance - A collection of Hymns from the American Colonial period that is both soothing and inspirational.

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The hymns chosen for this collection were all written between 1701 and 1831. They are songs that would have been sung by the men and women that founded America. Appropriately for the nation known as the melting pot, a good number of these melodies were penned in the countries from which the early colonists came to these shores. Many of these historical pieces remain favorites of congregations around the world, often being translated into their native languages.

Rather than being authentic period pieces, these hymns are done Howie-style. The LoPrinzi LR-20 steel string acoustic guitar has a warm, full-bodied resonance that enhances the warmth and beauty of the meditative hymns, while bringing life and vitality to the more up-tempo ones.

Howie uses alternate and open tunings such as a drop D tuning on track 2, open A on track 5, and DADGAD on track 4. The LoPrinzi, coupled with Howie's fingerpicking style, bring out such rich depth and color that listening the 10th or 20th time is as refreshing as the 1st or 2nd.

Colonial Meditations is a delightful musical excursion away from the hectic pace of life.


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Thank You

Howie 's first CD, Thank You was released in 2003. This is an acoustic blend of jazz influenced folk, both inspired and refreshing. Howie's smooth vocals and Scripture based original music will sooth your soul, and refresh your spirit.

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Howie Campbell - Vocals and Acoustic Guitar (LoPrinzi), percussion; Wayne Grosvenor- Acoustic and Electric Bass, Congas; Webb Sanders - Harmonicas; Heather Walker - Cello; Lonsdale Walker - Flute; Debbie Campbell, Dianna Sit, Chris, Sarah and Campbell Taylor, Jessica Stablein, Elizabeth Bro - vocals.

The title track, Thank You, is dedicated to the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ for having saved me. Like We Can Make It, it has a mellow jazz flavor appropriate for the reverence and awe due His Holy Name. Acoustic bass and guitar, harmonica and percussion support the smooth vocals.

The Truth, Turn Your Eyes To Heaven and Jesus Is Salvation are all played on acoustic guitar in a finger-picking style. Electric bass, percussion, and harmony vocals add rhythm and color. The ladies singing harmony are all from Memphis, TN and the musicians are from New York, making a nice north/south blend. On The Truth, a Tin Whistle is played by the phantom whistler (he wanted it that way).

Goin' Up To Heaven a shuffle blues tune, is a favorite in the coffee houses, concerts and on the street. I love doing this one at "Downtown Jammin' with other musicians because we jam on it. The Greatness Of Our God is a challenge to clean it up for Jesus. I believe it's a message for us today to take a serious look at who we are and live for the Lord. This song is done in a minor key with harmonica wailing in the back, electric bass cooking away, and lead guitar weaving throughout. It's a mover.

Where's The Love, Psalm 101 and The Lord Is Holy are enhanced by my dear friends Lon and Heather on flute and cello. They are very sensitive players who make the lyrics come alive. The Lord Is Holy also includes a special treat and answer to prayer for me: my family joins me on this one. It sounds like a band of Christians in the Australian Outback praising the Lord around the campfire. It's cool.

The last song on the CD He's Comin' Back, is exciting both musically and lyrically. The pulsing strum of the acoustic guitar, the drive of Wayne's electric bass, strong harmonies by the Memphis Ladies Dianna, Jessica and Elizabeth, and Webby's driving harmonica declare the message the words are proclaiming: Jesus Christ is Coming Soon! Are you ready??

I hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed putting "Thank You" together. My desire is that the words will inspire you to look into God's Holy Word, make it a part of your life, and share the exciting message of joy and hope, through Jesus Christ, with everyone you meet.


The Good News of Christmas CD cover image

The Good News of Christmas

Readings of the Christmas story interspersed with folk arrangements of traditional carols and original songs. Artistic rendition of this timeless tale to enhance Advent or for enjoyment year 'round.

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Messianic prophecies, the birth of Jesus, worship of Almighty God, the promise of Jesus' return all make this Advent devotional a must have for the Christmas season or any time of year. Scripture readings set up the following song, flowing from worship of God, through the prediction of the Jewish Messiah, the Angel's appearance to Joseph, Mary and the shepherds, to Jesus' words to his disciples and His promise to return. It's a look at this timeless story that you don't normally hear at Christmas time, but that carries God's plan to it's logical next step.

The story begins with Most High God, the words of which where written by my daughter in praise of our faithful Creator. After reading prophecies concerning the promise of a Saviour there is an artistic rendering of O Come, O Come Emmanuel.

Joseph's Song, with piano and guitar providing the backdrop, follows a telling of the angel's appearance.

O Little Town of Bethlehem and Away In A Manger are very simple guitar and vocal arrangements of these wonderful classics.

What Child Is This has been deemed the "spacey angel" song because of Anna's haunting background vocal supporting the familiar lyrics. Everyone's favorite: Silent Night is done with a male choir that sounds spontaneous and impromptu.

After hearing of the angel's appearance to the shepherds, there is a hearty arrangement of Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.

Next is one of my favorites: Mary's Song. It was fun creating the music bed that carries Anna's vocals as she expresses a young Jewish maiden's heart having just given birth to the most famous of all babies born to mankind. A short yet poignant perspective on what Mary must have been thinking at this incredible thing God had done to bring Messiah into the world.

In keeping with the reality of the Biblical account, the wise men come, perhaps a couple years after, and We Three Kings is both a song of adoration and prophecy. This non-traditional version makes it seem like you are there, riding across the desert following a Middle Eastern star to a young child and his mother.

"In the beginning was the word" puts the whole story in perspective and what a joy it is. So Joy To the World is a song of rejoicing at this point.

Jesus didn't remain a baby, but grew to manhood to finish the job He came to accomplish. He gathered His disciples to Himself and promised to return someday. The Good News Of Christmas would not be complete without relating that, and the reading is followed by He's Comin Back, in a folk rock tradition.

Now Unto Him is the final song of the story, and is a blessing from the book of Jude.

As a bonus, and because I love this song and wanted to do it with my friend and musical compadre Ken Kotarski, the last song is a piano/vocal rendering of O Holy Night.

I hope you enjoy listening to The Good News Of Christmas. I worked long and late on it, to get it ready for our 2008 Christmas tour. We remastered and reprinted it in 2009 prior to that year's tour and many folks tell me what a blessing it is, which is a blessing to me.

Merry Christmas to you - all year long ! It's always okay to sing about the birth of Jesus. It's always okay to love Christmas.