Story of Howie&Campbell's career and the development of his unique strumming style. The making of a guitarist and recording artist, and the beginnings of Wisdom and Truth Music, LLC.

Howie Campbell Biography

Howie Campbell's Guitar
Howie bought his first guitar in 1975 when he began to practice and emulate his favorite artists such as Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. After a short stint in the Dutchess Community College Big Band, directed by Roger Thorpe, Howie joined the band Sunshine, a hard working band in the Hudson Valley of New York. Along with Howie on guitar and vocals, the band consisted of Marc Elbaum on tenor/vocals, Ralph Ditrocchio on Hammond B3, Frank Santagoda on bass, and Billy Griffiths on drums/vocals. Next, Howie formed the Moose River Band with Joe Campbell on bass, Tom Campbell on drums, and Colby Lewis on rythym guitar and vocals. The Moose River Band played throughout New York and Connecticut covering music by Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, The Doobie Brothers, and Santana and worked with many fine musicians in the Hudson Valley like: Edgar Goss, Kevin Cowan, Randy Ciarlante, Marc Giammarco, Marc Elbaum, Bill Griffiths, Ralph DiTrocchio, and Andrew Hardin. In 1983 Howie studied jazz arranging with Jim Gannon of Buddy Rich fame. Howie expanded into songwriting with Folk/Rock Roots. After moving to the Peidmont region of VA, Howie managed the Blue Rose Acoustic Guild where he met many local artists.

In 1986 Howie turned his focus from entertaining to composing. Drawing from the diversified experience in past bands, he built a collection of music that has appeal to a very broad audience. Now traveling full time with his wife, Debbie on percussion, Howie performs throughout the United States in parks, coffee houses and community events. Howie is known for his ability to pull musicians together in pick up bands and jam bands. Whether he calls it The Free Union Band, or simply Howie Campbell and Friends, musicians come together to perform Howie's original music.


image of Howie offering his Guitar up

Acoustic: Howie plays a LoPrinzi LR-20 steel string acoustic guitar that is warm with a full-bodied resonance. This enhances the beauty of the meditative and melodic picking, while bringing life and vitality to the more up-tempo strumming. For example, on Colonial Meditations, Howie uses alternate and open tunings such as a drop D tuning on track 2, open A on track 5, and DADGAD on track 4. The LoPrinzi, coupled with Howie's fingerpicking style, brings out such rich depth and color that listening the 10th or 20th time is as refreshing as the 1st or 2nd.

Electric:When Howie straps on his electric, playing a Gretch for Jazz and a Strat for everything else, he is articulate and knows how to find the sweet spot with his Mesa Boogie amp.